The rabies virus affects the central nervous system of its host. It is transmitted through the saliva of an infected animal (most commonly through a bite). Once symptoms are present+ Read more
Parvovirus is a very infections viral disease that can cause life-threatening illnesses. This virus attacks a dog’s white blood cells and intestinal tract. If a young animal is infected, the virus can + Read more
Distemper is a serious viral disease that affects several bodily systems, such as your dog’s respiratory and gastrointestinal tracts, spinal cord and brain. It has many common symptoms + Read more
Adenovirus causes canine hepatitis, which is a viral disease in dogs that causes upper respiratory tract infections. Symptoms vary widely from lethargy, anxiety and fever to blood vessel + Read more
Bordatella usually only causes mild illness in healthy dogs, but in puppies or dogs with underlying health issues, it can be very serious and sometimes fatal. Bordatella is a common cause of “kennel+ Read more
Coronavirus is a highly contagious intestinal disease in dogs. It can be a very serious disease for puppies. The most common cause of transmission is contact with the feces of an infected dog. Dogs + Read more
Canine leptospirosis is most commonly spread when urine from an infected animal makes its way into a water source. Because of this, dogs who swim or drink from puddles are most at risk.+ Read more
Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV) is the most common cause of cancer in cats. It can also cause various blood disorders and can seriously compromise a cat’s immune system. FeLV is commonly spread + Read more
Feline Herpesvirus is a highly contagious virus. It causes the majority of cat flu or upper respiratory infections in cats. It can be transmitted between cats through direct contact, sharing+ Read more
Feline Calicivirus is a very common upper respiratory infection in unvaccinated cats. The virus attacks the cat’s lungs, mouth, intestines and musculoskeletal system. + Read more
Feline Panleukopinia is a highly contagious virus (sometimes called “cat plague”) that is often fatal to the infected cat. Most panleukopinia deaths are caused by dehydration through + Read more
H3N2 is a vaccination that offers protection for your dog against canine influenza. The "Dog Flu" is not seasonal (it can happen any time of the year), and affects the respiratory + Read more
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