Dr. White will come right to your living room to give your dog a first class health exam. This is very helpful for anxious dogs, as they feel at ease in their home environment. Our “mobile” service standard is nothing short of first-class veterinary care. We will thoroughly check your dog’s major bodily systems (such as skin, eyes, ears, mouth and joints), check your dog’s vitals, and perform a thorough investigation of any problems that have appeared. + Read more
Your cat will be thoroughly examined right from the comfort of your own home! This has a calming effect on cats as they are naturally more at ease in their home environment. Dr. White will perform a “nose to tail” examination for your kitten or adult cat. Your cat’s major bodily system’s and functions will all be examined (skin, eyes, ears, mouth and joints), your cat’s vitals will be checked and any problems found will be meticulously investigated! + Read more
Dogs and cats need scheduled vaccinations in order to stay happy and healthy. We will administer your pet’s vaccinations right from the comfort of your own home! Common vaccinations that we provide for pets are rabies, parvovirus (dogs), distemper (dogs), adenovirus (dogs), herpesvirus (cats), calicivirus (cats) and panluekopnia (cats). If your dog or cat needs any other vaccinations, we will educate you on what should be administered and when! + Read more
Getting your dog or cat microchipped is a very important and valuable thing to do. With our mobile service, you can have it done without leaving your front door! The microchipping process is safe, effective and fast. After the microchip is in place, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that should your pet run away, all of your information is easily scan-able with technology that all animal shelters and veterinarians have at their disposal! + Read more
Sometimes dogs and cats have conditions that require diagnostic testing to be run. During our home visit with you, we will collect the appropriate samples (such as blood, urine or feces) so that we can take it back to our first-class laboratory. There, we will run the tests with the samples we collected and will inform you of the results as quickly as possible! + Read more
Just like people, modern medicine has provided us with wonderful ways to treat health conditions. Proper medication can tremendously improve the health and quality of living of your dog or cat. During our home visit with you, we will thoroughly examine your pet to assess what (if any) medications would be helpful. We’ll then discuss the options with you and prescribe them! To make things easier for you, we even offer online ordering too! + Read more
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