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Frequently Asked Questions: Pancreatitis in Pets
Our Harbor Pines Veterinary Center veterinarians diagnose several pets with pancreatitis each month. Dietary indiscretions (i.e., consuming rich and unfamiliar[...]
Safeguarding Against Disease Through Pet Wellness Care
As the saying goes, prevention is the best medicine, and this is true for your pet. Veterinary wellness care goes[...]
Keeping Your Pet’s Mouth Healthy and Smile Sparkling
February is Pet Dental Health Month and the perfect time to focus on your furry friend's oral health. Pets are[...]
The Top 9 Benefits of Mobile Veterinary Care
Today, many of us can work from the comfort of our own homes. We can sit on our couch and[...]
Why Cats Need to Scratch
Whether they shred your favorite sofa, a fancy plush carpet, or your new favorite sweater, your cat’s sharp little claws[...]
Does My Pet Need a Vet? 5 Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore
Pets are exceptionally skilled at hiding illness or injury signs, and problems are usually significant before they cause outward issues[...]
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