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Straight from the Source: Top 5 Pet Health Tips for 2021
Who better to give pet health advice than one of our smartest pet consultants? Gabby the goldendoodle visited Harbor Pines[...]
A Pet-Friendly Home for the Holidays
As you prepare for the holidays, don’t forget to include your furry companions in your plans, or that decorations, toxic[...]
Pancreatitis: Avoid the Risk
This Thanksgiving will be tempting to allow your pets to share in the family feast. You may be strong-willed and[...]
The Benefits of Being Active with Your Pets
At Harbor Pines Veterinary Center, we believe in staying active with your pet, because of the benefits for people as[...]
Hippo Takes a Nap: An Anesthetic Experience
Hippo the wiggle-butt weimaraner puppy is being spayed today at Harbor Pines Veterinary Center, and her owners, especially the hippo-obsessed[...]
Mythbusters: Pet Wellness Visit Edition
Well-meaning but misinformed myths abound regarding wellness care for your furry friends. Our Harbor Pines Veterinary Center team would like[...]
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