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Dazed and Confused: What You Need to Know About Cognitive Dysfunction in Your Pet
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Feline Viral Infections: The Dangerous Triple Threat
Feline companions are special, and cat owners enjoy their purring pal’s playful, independent, and curious nature. Some pet owners mistakenly[...]
Barbecue Safety for Shy and Sociable Pets
You have one pet who never meets a stranger and one who hides under the couch when you have company.[...]
You Need Your Medicine! Advice For Giving Oral Medications To Your Pet
At the conclusion of your pet’s appointment, the veterinary technician reviews your pet’s prescription and hands you the bottle. She[...]
Mosquitoes and Ticks: How They Can Ruin Your Pet’s Summer
Picture an idyllic scene. You and your furry pal are frolicking down the trail winding through your local park, enjoying[...]
Is My Dog the Only One? Odd Dog Behaviors Unraveled
There’s no question about it—dogs do some weird stuff. Whether they’re rolling on the ground to cover themselves in horrible[...]
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