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The Value of Good Health: Screening Tests for Your Pet
Regular screening tests are an essential part of your pet’s preventive health care plan, as they are vital for detecting[...]
4 Ways to Manage Your Cat’s Arthritis At Home
Although your cat likely seldom complains—except when their food dish is empty—arthritis pain can significantly impact their life. New studies[...]
10 Easy Steps to Pet-Proofing Your Home
Keeping your pet safe requires being at least one step ahead of them. Fortunately, our Harbor Pines Veterinary Center team[...]
5 Reasons Your Pet Needs Regular Professional Veterinary Dental Cleanings
A healthy mouth is an important part of your pet’s long-term health and comfort. Often pet owners overlook their pet’s[...]
Welcome Wellness in 2023: New Year’s Resolutions for Your Pet’s Health
When setting—and keeping—New Year’s resolutions, include your furry pal. Because your pet cannot take their health into their own paws,[...]
Assessing and Improving Senior Pet Quality of Life
  As much as we wish, pets don’t live forever, and because of their relatively short lifespan, we see them[...]
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