The Top 9 Benefits of Mobile Veterinary Care

Today, many of us can work from the comfort of our own homes. We can sit on our couch and order a picture frame or a toothbrush—or just about anything we need—and it’ll be left on our doorstep within a few hours. When we crave our favorite restaurant meal, that, too, can be delivered directly to us with a few simple clicks on a smartphone. 

We live in a world of convenience, and more organizations are working to make it easier for you to do business with them. Here at Harbor Pines Veterinary Center, we think your pet’s healthcare should be just as convenient as your online shopping. That’s why we provide in-home veterinary services, from dog and cat exams to vaccinations, lab work, and more. 

Why mobile veterinary care? Here are the top nine reasons in-home pet care is taking off (and allowing you to stay in).

#1: Mobile veterinary care reduces pet stress

Traveling to the veterinary clinic and being exposed to unfamiliar sights, sounds, and smells can cause a pet to experience fear, stress, and anxiety. Mobile veterinary care eliminates this stress and allows pets to remain in the comfort of their own home, where they feel safe and secure.

#2: In-home care produces more accurate diagnostic results

We’ve all been there. Your blood pressure and heart rate are usually perfectly normal—until you’re sitting in the exam room with your doctor. The same thing can happen to our pets. The stress associated with traveling to the veterinarian can cause temporary physiological changes in a pet, which can lead to false results on diagnostic tests.

#3: Pet parents enjoy convenience with mobile veterinary services

Busy schedules can make veterinary clinic visits challenging, and some pets—especially our feline friends—can be difficult to get to the vet. Mobile services provide the convenience of professional pet care right at your own home, saving time and hassle, and ensuring your pets get the care they need.

#4: With in-home care, pets get personalized attention and enhanced observation

An in-home visit allows your veterinarian to spend more time with your pet, offering personalized care and a deeper understanding of their health needs in their natural environment. And, because the veterinarian is observing your pet in their natural environment, they may be able to glean more insights that might not be evident in a clinical setting. 

#5: Multiple household pets can be seen during one home visit

If you have multiple pets, you can knock out all of their wellness appointments during one home visit from the veterinarian, rather than trying to get them all into the car at once or making multiple trips to the veterinary clinic.

#6: In-home vet visits are ideal for pets—and people—with mobility issues

Pets and people who are older or struggle with mobility benefit greatly from in-home veterinary care. With mobile services, there’s no more picking up your arthritic 50-pound dog to put him in the backseat of your car—instead, he can bark at the front door when your veterinarian rings the doorbell.

#7: Mobile veterinary care reduces exposure to contagions

Visiting a veterinary clinic can expose pets to other animals and their potential illnesses. Mobile care minimizes this risk, which is especially important for young, elderly, or immunocompromised pets.

#8: You can get most of the same veterinary services at home

From wellness exams for dogs and cats to vaccinations, blood work, and microchipping, much of what can be done in a veterinary clinic can be done by a mobile veterinarian in the comfort of your home. A mobile vet can also prescribe or authorize refills of your pet’s medications, which you can then order online. 

#9: In-home veterinary care allows for a peaceful ending

No one wants to say goodbye to a beloved pet, but, when the time comes, in-home euthanasia offers a peaceful, dignified, and comfortable ending. Without having to travel to the veterinary clinic, your pet can be surrounded by love in their favorite spot at home as they peacefully cross over the rainbow bridge.

At Harbor Pines Veterinary Center, we believe in the power of compassionate, convenient care. Our mobile veterinary services reflect our commitment to the well-being of your furry family members, ensuring they receive the best care in the most comfortable setting. Give us a call to schedule your pet’s next in-home visit.

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